World Culture Day

World Culture Day

Held in November, World Culture Day is an annual event that celebrates the unique and diverse cultures of HCPA students and their families.  Students, teachers and staff are encouraged to wear traditional dress from their particular heritage and family members of all ages are invited to participate.  The morning-long celebration features a wide array of traditional music, dance and food.

This year’s World Culture Day featured over 18 acts from HCPA students and staff. Performances ranged from traditional Hmong, Karen and Chinese folk songs to break and folk dancing demonstrations. The celebration also featured a performance from the HCPA Choir and an international fashion show, which continues to be a highly anticipated part of the program.

“Fashion is an important way to preserve culture,” added Aemillianna Thao, HCPA Office Manager. “If you wear an article of clothing, people will know exactly who you are.”  HCPA Enrollment Director Leeseng Yang echoed Thao’s sentiments.

“Our show today featured the differences in dress between some of the cultures that attend HCPA...Green Hmong, White Hmong, Thai, Lao, Karen and Hmong Chinese.  It’s good for people to know their background while learning about other cultures too.”

 “World Culture Day is always a special time at Hmong College Prep Academy,” stated Dr. Hang.  “From the Kindergarteners singing Korean, Japanese and Chinese songs to our seniors demonstrating martial arts and break dancing, everyone gets involved.”

Dr. Hang added, “At HCPA, we feel that it is important to know your own culture but also experience others.  This helps our students gain a global perspective as to how they fit in the world.”