Parent & Student Info

Our parents are essential to the success of our students.  Hmong College Prep Academy strives to communicate with parents and families on a regular basis through a variety of communication methods:

Our website is updated often to reflect school meals, school activities and other news items.

Letters home to families are sent periodically for announcements regarding special events, student-specific news and other important details that may require family response.

Calls home to families are vital to alerting families to school events, student-specific news and updates.  Updated phone numbers are essential to ensure that families can be reached.  Anytime there are changes to phone numbers, it is the families’ responsibility to contact the school to make sure the contact information is updated.

Home visits are ways that teachers and staff can meet students and families in their own environment.  HCPA makes a point of making home visits to each family throughout the year.

Parent/Teacher Conferences occur twice a year to give parents an opportunity to meet with each of their student’s teachers to discuss school progress.  However, at any time a parent wants to meet with a teacher, they can come to the school.

Emails are a quick and easy way to communicate with any staff member at HCPA.  Click here to access the staff directory.

Student/Parent HandbookClick here to view.

Access student coursework online!  Click here to go to ClassroomNow.