Hmong College Prep Academy is a K-12 public charter school that provides free tuition, breakfast, lunch and busing for all students in the cities of Mpls./St. Paul and select surrounding suburbs.

Our students have expressed that the atmosphere at HCPA is one of family and belonging.  Students "help one another in an environment where "everyone is OK with you". 

As one student stated, "I became myself here."

How does HCPA's environment build self-confidence and foster strong relationships?

  • HCPA provides a learning environment that is unintimidating, structured and safe.

  • The school's curriculum focuses on engaging classroom activities that include a high degree of class and small group discussion.

  • Our innovative C3 program helps students to define who they are through personal strength assessments, team building activities, interactive presentations and enlightening field trips.

  • Students are highly encouraged to participate in school activities and groups...a major step towards developing new friendships.

  • Recent studies show that students with more friends at school have higher attendance rated and grade point averages, GPA's.

The result?  HCPA fosters a learning environment that develops trust, respect, friendships and self-discovery.