Ivy League Campus Visits

Ivy League Campus Tours--10-day trip includes visits to Harvard, Yale and MIT

Annually, Hmong College Prep Academy students tour a selection of East Coast and Ivy League Universities. In 2014, the tour, featured visits to George Washington, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Brown, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Penn and John Hopkins Universities.

“This was an incredible experience for our students,” stated HCPA Superintendent Dr. Christianna Hang. “The tour provided participants with the opportunity to witness first-hand the sights and sounds of some of the world’s most prestigious universities.”

Students logged over 3,000 miles during their trip. Besides the standard school tour and faculty meet-and-greet sessions, each student played the role of "leader of the day" and communicated the highlights of their visit back to HCPA. In addition, participants presented their experiences to elementary students.

“What an GREAT experience,” stated tour participant Adam Fue Chee Xiong. “I was really impressed with Yale. What was really great was that we got to meet up with HCPA Yale Interns. They made the campus sound incredible…and it certainly was!”

The interns were part of The Yale Summer Institute, a summer school program whose objective is to help HCPA students understand the steps necessary to pursue a quality post-secondary education. The Institute provides HCPA students with hands-on experience in preparing for college entrance exams, researching & selecting a college, composing college essays and how to finance their education...all under the watchful eye of three Yale University interns.

Pajnag and Yukai Yang, also trip attendees, enjoyed their time at Harvard.

“At Harvard, we realized that the campus was like a mini-city. We learned that the university was like a second home to students and social life was very important. What was really interesting is how the university focused on three parts of being a student—social life, academics and extracurricular activities. Though academics play a big part at Harvard, they care about what motivates students and their personal interests.”