Explore/Investigate Options

At Hmong College Prep Academy, our faculty and staff provide the individual attention needed to prepare ALL STUDENTS for a post-secondary education.

Through the innovative C3 program students learn how to explore and investigate their post-secondary options.

  •   C3 Program (Care, College, Career)
  • Assessing personal strengths and interests
  • Aligning attributes to career fields to explore
  • Investigating 6 career fields
  • Matching career interests and college
  • Getting into college that matches career and personal interests
  •  Annual college fairs–9-12 grade students  
  •  Visits to area’s top colleges and universities starting in 4th grade
  •  Career Fair–9-12 grade students
  •  K-5 career exploration via in-class speakers

“We learn and discuss future goals, plans, and ways to achieve them. C3 really taught me how to manage my time, my study habits, and made me expect what is to come for a first-year college student.”   Bee Vang HCPA’s first PSEO student