Faculty and Teaching Support Staff

Elementary Faculty

Brooke Northfield Kindergarten brooke.northfield@hcpak12.org
Lindsey Beeman Kindergarten lindsey.beeman@hcpak12.org
Natalie Heiman Kindergarten natalie.heiman@hcpak12.org
Kelsey Wegner 1st Grade kelsey.wegner@hcpak12.org
Kim Smith 1st Grade kim.smith@hcpak12.org
Carissa Moe 2nd Grade carissa.moe@hcpak12.org
Jay Diaferio 2nd Grade jay.diaferio@hcpak12.org
Laura Hobert 2nd Grade laura.hobert@hcpak12.org
Nancy Blum 2nd Grade nancy.blum@hcpak12.org
Elizabeth Powell 3rd Grade elizabeth.powell@hcpak12.org
Camey Greengard 3rd Grade camey.greengard@hcpak12.org
Crystal Robideau 3rd Grade crystal.robideau@hcpak12.org
Daniel Kizior 3rd Grade daniel.kizior@hcpak12.org
Elizabeth Klooz 4th Grade elizabeth.klooz@hcpak12.org
Nichole Hughes 4th Grade nichole.hughes@hcpak12.org
Tami Vischer 4th Grade tami.vischer@hcpak12.org
Danielle Van Der Linden 5th Grade danielle.vanderlinden@hcpak12.org
Hilary Arnold 5th Grade hilary.arnold@hcpak12.org
Jenny Lee 5th Grade jenny.lee@hcpak12.org
Tayla Peterson 5th Grade tayla.peterson@hcpak12.org
Malee Thao Elemenatry Specialist - Hmong Language and Culture malee.thao@hcpak12.org
Cynthia Steinhoff Elementary ELL cynthia.steinhoff@hcpak12.org
Robin Prochazka Elementary ELL robin.prochazka@hcpak12.org
Yumi Olson Elementary Specialist - Art yumi.olson@hcpak12.org
Andrew Seitz Elementary Specialist - Music andrew.seitz@hcpak12.org
Maxwell Thao Elementary Specialist - Performing Arts maxwell.thao@hcpak12.org
Trisha Bowman Elementary Specialist - Phy Ed trisha.bowman@hcpak12.org
Krista Skoglund Elementary/Master Coach krista.skoglund@hcpak12.org
Wendy Andersen Elementary/Master Coach wendy.andersen@hcpak12.org
Christine Besch Elementary/Mentor Coach christine.besch@hcpak12.org
Katie Carson ELL katie.carson@hcpak12.org
Matthew Heim ELL/Mentor Coach matthew.heim@hcpak12.org
Diane Knutzen ES Special Education diane.knutzen@hcpak12.org
Joni Yam ES Special Education joni.yam@hcpak12.org
Stephanie Kipka ES Title 1 Reading/Math stephanie.kipka@hcpak12.org
Yer Xiong ES Title 1 Reading/Math yer.xiong@hcpak12.org

Middle School Faculty

Roy Pienaar Band/Music roy.pienaar@hcpak12.org
Yer Her Hmong Language and Culture yer.her@hcpak12.org
Eleanor Bisanz Mathematics eleanor.bisanz@hcpak12.org
Sarah Forsberg MS Art Teacher sarah.forsberg@hcpak12.org
Amani Ahrens MS ELL amani.ahrens@hcpak12.org
Nell Hernandez MS ELL nell.hernandez@hcpak12.org
Chee Vang MS English chee.vang@hcpak12.org
Daniel Stern MS English daniel.stern@hcpak12.org
Jacob Maurer MS English jacob.maurer@hcpak12.org
Rebecca Flatland MS English rebecca.flatland@hcpak12.org
Elizabeth Wardell MS Mathematics elizabeth.wardell@hcpak12.org
Indrayani LeMaire MS Mathematics indrayani.lemaire@hcpak12.org
Jim Lee MS Mathematics jim.lee@hcpak12.org
Robert Keech MS Science robert.keech@hcpak12.org
Adam Spear MS Social Studies adam.spear@hcpak12.org
Kate McManus MS Social Studies kate.mcmanus@hcpak12.org
Nancy Mack MS Special Education nancy.mack@hcpak12.org
Pamela Madison MS Special Education pamela.madison@hcpak12.org
Alix Olson MS/HS ELL alix.olson@hcpak12.org
Chris Beason PE/Health chris.beason@hcpak12.org
Dusten Olejnicak PE/Health dusten.olejnicak@hcpak12.org

High School Faculty

Lisa Berken ELL/Master Coach lisa.berken@hcpak12.org
Andrew Lawton HS Art Teacher andrew.lawton@hcpak12.org
LyTou Lee HS Business/Tech lytou.lee@hcpak12.org
Xiangjun Lu HS Chinese Teacher xiangjun.lu@hcpak12.org
Steven Coleman HS Drama/Theatre steven.coleman@hcpak12.org
Daniel Norby HS English daniel.norby@hcpak12.org
Heather Bosman HS English heather.bosman@hcpak12.org
John Seal HS English john.seal@hcpak12.org
Margaret Quam HS English margaret.quam@hcpak12.org
Melissa Kibler HS English melissa.kibler@hcpak12.org
Cheng Yang HS Hmong Language and Culture cheng.yang@hcpak12.org
Anna Monsour HS Mathematics anna.monsour@hcpak12.org
Brandon Bunney HS Mathematics brandon.bunney@hcpak12.org
Erin Leyden HS Mathematics erin.leyden@hcpak12.org
Marty Prentice HS Mathematics marty.prentice@hcpak12.org
Rochelle Rank HS Mathematics rochelle.rank@hcpak12.org
Savannah Wolf HS Mathematics savannah.wolf@hcpak12.org
Tim Pera HS Mathematics tim.pera@hcpak12.org
Cindy Pierce HS Music/Choral Director cindy.pierce@hcpak12.org
Fong Vang HS PE/Health fong.vang@hcpak12.org
Donna Stotesbery HS Science donna.stotesbery@hcpak12.org
Paul Corts HS Science paul.corts@hcpak12.org
Thuy Chastek HS Science thuy.chastek@hcpak12.org
Nicholas Fabeck HS Science/Mentor Coach nicholas.fabeck@hcpak12.org
Andrew Granchalek HS Social Studies andrew.granchalek@hcpak12.org
Ben Powers HS Social Studies ben.powers@hcpak12.org
James Cave HS Social Studies james.cave@hcpak12.org
Morgan McLaughlin HS Social Studies morgan.mclaughlin@hcpak12.org
Abram Hedtke HS Social Studies/Master Coach abram.hedtke@hcpak12.org
Emily Peterson HS Special Education emily.peterson@hcpak12.org
Tim Devine HS Special Education tim.devine@hcpak12.org
Joanna Klitzke HS Special Education  joanna.klitzke@hcpak12.org
Pahoua Xiong HS Study Hall Teaching Assistant pahoua.xiong@hcpak12.org
Kiara Buchanan MS/HS ELL kiara.buchanan@hcpak12.org
Ryan Lester Science/Master Coach ryan.lester@hcpak12.org
Anna Pavlik Science/Mentor Coach anna.pavlik@hcpak12.org
Brent Ness Service Learning/Mentor Coach brent.ness@hcpak12.org

Paraprofessionals and Teaching Assistants

Charles Young Paraprofessional charles.young@hcpak12.org
Chocho Aung Karen Teaching Assistant chocho.aung@hcpak12.org
Dao Xiong Paraprofessional dao.xiong@hcpak12.org
Fong Xiong Paraprofessional fong.xiong@hcpak12.org
Kang Kue Paraprofessional kang.kue@hcpak12.org
Gao Zoua Thao Teaching Assistant gaozoua.thao@hcpak12.org
Mai Kou Lor Paraprofessional maikou.lor@hcpak12.org
Mainhia Lor Paraprofessional mainhia.lor@hcpak12.org
Maivue Xiong Paraprofessional maivue.xiong@hcpak12.org
Miranda Yang Paraprofessional miranda.yang@hcpak12.org
Saw Lu Lu Karen Teaching Assistant saw.lulu@hcpak12.org
Tang Xiong Paraprofessional tang.xiong@hcpak12.org
Teng Xiong Paraprofessional teng.xiong@hcpak12.org
Vang Ker Zeng Moua Paraprofessional vangkerzeng.moua@hcpak12.org

Xao Vang

Kathryn Howard


PowerSchool Admin/Data Analyst