College-Level Courses

HCPA offers many ways in which students are able to receive college credit while still in high school.  This enables students to earn college credit at no charge to themselves or their family.

CIS (College in the Schools)

  • Course curriculum set up by the University of MN
  • Taught at HCPA by HCPA teachers
  • High School and college credits on HCPA and University of MN transcript

CIS Courses offered:

  • Anatomy
  • English
  • Psychology

Field Day–attend the U of M for a day!

  • Visit campus
  •  Attend class
  •  Listen to speakers,
  •  Interactive activities

AP (Advanced Placement)

  • Students take college level courses at HCPA
  • Standardized AP test is taken by the student
  • Credit is given by college if student achieves a required score on the exam
  • AP courses in American History and Studio Art are offered

Honors-level courses

  • Available for 9-12 grade students in English, Math, Social Studies, Science
  • Explore topics in greater depth and higher speed
  • Expands critical thinking skills and prepares students for college level courses

PSEO Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

  • High school student attends a MN State college or University
  • Student receives both high school and college credit
  • Provides more variety of courses for students

“I found out that I was more than prepared for college and that HCPA has done what their name says, College Preparatory. HCPA is a great school and they have supported me all the way.” Bee Vang HCPA’s first PSEO student

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