Career Fair

Part of exploring and investigating options is the annual Career Fair for 9-12 grade students.

The Career Fair is planned by the HCPA C3 Program leaders. The goal of the Career Fair is for students to start learning about careers that match their interest areas. We find out that once students realize what career area they are interested in they discover the number of career options increase.

“Our annual Career Fair provides HCPA students with the opportunity to gather more information about a field in which they are interested,” stated School Superintendent Dr. Christianna Hang. “What’s great about the event is that our students gain direct insights from the people who work in a specific profession.”

This year, the HCPA Career Fair featured 35 professionals representing a wide array of industries. Companies that had representatives take part included the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, MN Medical Association, City of St. Paul and representatives from the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department.

Brent Ness, HCPA Lead College and Career instructor, commented on the how the event aligns with classroom activities.

“We’ve taken our Career Fair program to a new level,” stated Mr. Ness. “Prior to the event, our students take part in a pretty involved three-step process. First, they investigate the education level needed for a particular career. Next, students analyze their personal interests and apply their findings to developing a list of prospective careers. Finally, we work on each student’s personal communication skills including how to ask open-ended questions and non-verbal communication. After discussing options with Fair attendees, students meet with their college/career teacher to discuss the professions that best fit their interests. It’s quite an in-depth process that I believe really opens the eyes of our students to their potential as well as what the future has to offer.”

Empire Beauty School representative Emily Folton was impressed with the Career Fair.

“It is really nice to get involved in what the students think they want to do. They were really fantastic. We even had one HCPA student volunteer to have her hair done by one of our current students. The HCPA students were very engaged and wonderful.”