College Ready

At Hmong College Prep Academy, our faculty and staff provide the individual attention needed to prepare ALL STUDENTS for a post-secondary education.

HCPA offers a wide range of opportunities to explore and investigate options after high school. This exploration includes two annual college fairs, ACT & SAT preparation, career fair, financial aid and scholarship help as well as visits to the area’s top colleges & universities starting in 4thgrade.  We also have College Prep, CIS (College in the Schools), AP (Advanced Placement) and Honors-level courses as well as access to state-of-the-art technology labs

An additional focus on college is witnessed through:

Our Yale Summer Institute…this three week summer session provides participants with a hands-on college search and selection experience.  HCPA students partner with undergraduate interns from Yale University—one of the most prestigious universities in the world!
Our faculty and staff work with each student individually to assist in post-high school plans.
An intense exposure to college is integrated in virtually every component of the curriculum.

THE END RESULT: In 2011, 77% of HCPA graduates were accepted into a post-secondary educational institution

“We are a college prep school with high expectations.  We don’t give up…ever.”  Mrs. D