Big 10 Tour

Over 2000 miles traveled throughout the Upper Midwest

During the 2015 annual Big Ten tour, 19 Hmong College Prep Academy high school students took part in a weeklong tour of seven Big Ten Universities.   Participants were selected based on a number of factors including GPA, standardized test scores, attendance, teacher references and their demonstrated desire to succeed.

“The entire HCPA community is very excited about the annual Big Ten Campus Tours,” stated school Superintendent Dr. Christianna Hang. “As with our Ivy League school visits, this tour serves as a strong testament to one of our core values; to integrate the concept and reality of going to college within our students.”

The tour, which began on Sunday, March 29th, visited The University of Iowa, University of Illinois, Purdue University, The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, Northwestern University and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Participants will also tour the University of Chicago.

Upon arriving back home on Saturday, April 4th, the students will have logged nearly 2,000 miles. Besides the standard school tour and faculty meet-and-greet sessions, tour participants will play the role of "leader of the day" and communicate back to HCPA the highlights of their visit. In addition, they will provide a presentation on their adventures shortly after they return.

Though their days will be filled with college tour activities, there will be time to take in many of the sights and activities offered on each campus including a visit to the Ohio State football stadium and dinner at famed Chicago eatery Ed Debevics.

“As with the Ivy League tour, we have worked hard to balance school visit activities and sightseeing opportunities, all to enhance the educational experience of our students,” stated Dr. Cheryl Bostrom, HCPA’s College and Career Readiness Manager. “We’re also adding additional programming including college and career readiness and networking skills development to help them make the most of this opportunity.”