"Hmong College Prep Academy…It’s not like a regular public school.”

Our students enjoy the differences between HCPA and a traditional public school.

HCPA’s environment virtually eliminates the cultural and social barriers faced by many of our students in their previous school.

As one student stated, “No one is a loner here.”

How is HCPA different than a regular public school?

  • Events that promote self-esteem, culture teamwork and a sense of community: World Culture Day, HCPA Talent Show, and Choir Concerts.
  • C3 Power Days! Exciting, interactive afternoons filled with competitive physical and intellectual activities that build school pride, teamwork and self-confidence.
  • Lots of opportunities to get involved! MN State High School League sanctioned varsity sports include Boys’ Basketball & Soccer and Girls’ Badminton, Basketball & Volleyball.
  • Activities and clubs! Choir, Hmong Spelling Bee, Strength and Fitness Club, Video Creations, Japanese Culture Club, Photography,Film and more!
  • Opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills through event planning, social clubs and committees—Prom Committee, Student Council and STAND (Stand Tough Against Negative Decisions Leadership Team), Senior, Junior & Sophomore Committees.

THE END RESULT: A balanced education that encourages and expects academic excellence as well as participation in activities…all which make for a great school experience.